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ENHANCE GX-MP2 XL Gaming Mouse Mat Mouse Pad. Designed for those gamers who go big or go home , the ENHANCE GX-MP2 Gaming Mouse Mat provides users with over 430 square inches of ultra-smooth tracking real estate. Place your keyboard , gaming mouse , gaming mouse bungee , and any other accessories directly on top of the GX-MP2 and let your keyboard hand rest on a soft , padded mouse mat. Every GX-MP2 has been crafted with an ultra low-friction fabric surface , eliminating any resistance that might prevent you from lining up that perfect headshot or blowing that cooldown. Forget about lifting and repositioning your mouse; drop the sensitivity in your favorite FPS way , way down and experience a new type of freedom and precision only an extended mouse mat can offer. The GX-MP2’s non-slip rubber backing will keep securely it in place , even during the heat of battle! Perfect for: Rocket League Starcraft 2 II Survival Evolved Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Call of Duty Black Ops III Civilization V Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Divinity: Original Sin Dota 2 Elite Dangerous The Elder Scrolls V Evolve Fallout 4 Far Cry 4 FIFA 16 17 Firewatch Grand Theft Auto V League of Legends Metal Gear Solid V Star Wars Battlefront Team Fortress 2 Tom Clancy’s The Division The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Battlefront LEGO Harry Potter Skyrim The elder Scrolls Resident Evil 7 Mass Effect Star Wars Battlefront Starcraft 2 Total War Warhammer Deus Ex Rainbow Six Siege Mortal Kombat XL The Legend of Zelda Watch Dogs 2 Icewind Dale Attila LEGO Batman Dishonored 3 Commandos 3 2 PES 2017 Strike Force World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Focus Farming Battlefield 1 Dishonored 2 Tropico 5 Farcry Primal Battlefield 1 Zelda SimCity H1Z1 King of the Kill Anno 1404 WOW World of Warcraft GTA Grand Theft Auto V 5 Watch Dogs 2 Diablo Reaper of Souls The Division XCOM 2 Anno 1701 Ghost Recon Schatten des Krieges Dawn of War III und mehr
ENHANCE GX-MP2 XL mouse pad with extended tracking surface is perfect for EVOLVE , DOTA 2 , League of Legends , WoW: Warlords of Draenor , Leage of legends LOL , Overwatch , Counter Strike: Global Offensive , Grand Theft Auto V & more!
Low friction ultra smooth fabric surface optimized for better mouse gliding
Non-slip rubber base grips onto your desk preventing unwanted sliding
Anti-Fray stitched perimeter increases overall durability of the mouse pad | Dimensions: 31.5″ x 13.75″ | Backed by 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Includes exclusive Steam discount code for The Weaponographist – Fight your way through demon-infested dungeons with spears, swords, lazer tubas and explosive pogo sticks!
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